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So, I’ve finished the first Acronym release.  It’s a LOT less than what I was aiming for, but I was kind of more anxious to release material than to create it.  So here ya go.

If anyone’s interested in a full sample list, I might give that away later.

Yours Truly,



I’ve decided to turn this E.P. into an all-out album, which I’m about half done with.  Right now the track listing is looking like this:

(* means the track is finished, # means the track is a work in progress)

  1. Dare*
  2. My Heart*
  3. Dicks*
  4. Living in a Factory*
  5. Idiot Republican*
  6. Song of the Chibis*
  7. General Dicks (All That’s Needed)*
  8. Immature Breakup Shit #
  9. Control #
  10. Porno Dicks (L’Amour est Screwed)
  11. Revenge of the Chibis
  12. Trend Hell
  13. Bohemia

The vocals for Bohemia are done, I just need to make the backing.

The album won’t be done before Christmas, but I hope to finish it soon.

See ya later,



New Idea

So I’ve been getting tons of track ideas for Acronym, but I don’t know how I would end up completing them all.  So I’ve got a new idea.  I’ll make an Acronym “demo tape” that I’ll put on the internet that displays the different sides of the Acronym alias.  It would include the following:

1. A Mashcore track

2. An Industrial/House track with Rap samples

3. A touchy-feely love song

4. A remix

I plan to do this before I finish the Acronym mystery E.P.  But I just have to wait and see what happens, because I have, litch-rally,  a billion ideas in my head right now.  So now, I’ll sign off, before they take control of my sanity.


Acronym – Come Away

New Acronym piece.

More informashin: the E.P. will be around 7-8 tracks.  Stay tuned!


Acronym – This is my waltz

Acronym – This is my waltz

Behold! I have finished a new Acronym track, entitled “This is my waltz”.  It will be included on an EP with a title to be revealed soon. Stay tuned!


Hello, world.

You may call me Gearhead409.  If you know me in real life, or from somewhere else, hello to you too, sweetheart.

I write and produce Electronic music.  I currently have two functioning aliases.  One is Unsilence.  I use it to create Hardstyle, or whatever else in the “Hard Dance” field I feel like doing.  The other is Acronym.  Acronym creates Eurodance and Electro House/Dubstep with strong Speedcore and/or Breakcore influence.  The music either very silly, intending to poke fun at mainstream Pop music, or cheesy, with sappy love lyrics shoved into the breakdown (wherever I put those).

I am here on WordPress to showcase my music in self-released EPs, which I may or may not put on Bandcamp for free download.  I use Soundcloud as well, but my Soundcloud is currently filled with junk which I don’t feel like deleting, and I’ll only use it to promote what I put out.

More soon!



Hello world!

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Happy blogging!


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